Italian Political Science (IPS) is an open-access peer-reviewed quarterly journal dedicated to deepening the understanding of political phenomena relevant for political scientists and a wider public, including journalists, policy-makers, policy analysts, political activists and all those who have an interest in politics.

IPS publishes intellectually stimulating and conceptually rigorous contributions on all areas relevant to Political science. All articles include a focus on contemporary Italy, either considered as a case-study or in comparative or European perspective.
In addition to research articles, a section on the Profession provides a source of information on the political science profession and higher education, research and its assessment, relations between political science and society.

IPS only publishes research-based scholarly work; all articles provide informed description and analysis rather than assertion.

The main purpose of IPS is to serve a broad readership, which implies that articles should be of wider relevance and written in a clear and accessible style, rather than of a highly technical or narrow nature.